Altair Council Voting Call

Calling all AIR holders! We need your votes for the Altair Council.

Before we can move on to Runtime Upgrade 4 - which will remove the sudo key following a Governance vote, and enable AIR transfers - and even more excitingly Runtime Upgrade 5, which will launch the NFT studio and allow for NFTs on Altair, we aim to make sure that we have an Altair Council that represents the community at large. Full details on the launch process here.

The following steps have already been taken to prep the vote:

:white_check_mark: Done: Enable democracy

:white_check_mark: Done: Solicit council candidates from the community

:round_pushpin: Now: Community needs to vote on council

:arrow_right: After: Council can push RT4 fully launching the network

The voting process is done on-chain using the portal. The process is fairly straightforward: choose the Altair network, choose ‘Governance’ and then —> ‘Council’, and that is where you can vote with your AIR tokens.

There is no defined lockup period for the voting; it is up to you how long you decide to bond your tokens to back the candidate(s), and you can unbond your tokens at any time. When staking is enabled, you can also continue to vote with staked tokens. You can also unbond to transfer your tokens if needed, once AIR transfers are enabled. We encourage community members to continute voting as long as possible however, as the terms for the council are renewed on an ongoing basis.

***It is also important to leave around 10-100 AIR tokens in your balance to pay for the transactions needed to bond and unbond your tokens for voting.

A more detailed step-by-step video tutorial put together by our beloved community member @ash outlining these steps can be found here.

The introductions for each candidate can be found under the Altair Governance section of the forum.

Governance and community participation is key to the future of Altair and Centrifuge, so we invite you all to take part.


Useful post- thanks for this :slight_smile: Just submitted my votes.