Altair Launch - Next Steps

We are fast approaching the final steps for the launch of Altair!

Having already voted in the Council, thanks to great community support in the voting process (the best in the ecosystem actually) we are now at the finish line for the full launch of Altair.

The next and final steps in the process are:

  • Early next week the Altair Council will propose a motion to enable balance transfers.

  • When this motion goes up for a vote, the community will have one week to vote for it on-chain, and if passed balance transfers will be enabled.

  • Following this will be the removal of the Sudo Key, which will enable full decentralization of Altair.

At which point, Altair will be effectively launched!

Note: During the one-week voting process for AIR balance transfers, Bifrost AIR claimants will have the opportunity to resolve any claims that are still pending. If any remain unresolved after Sudo Key is removed, the Council can still motion to resolve these.

More updates on the vote coming next week! So keep an eye on this space :eyes:

Full article on the Altair launch and what the future holds for the project:


Thanks for these steps. Very helpful :sunglasses: :+1: