Voting Call for Runtime Upgrade 4

The time we’ve all been waiting for is here… the vote for Runtime Upgrade 4!

You can put your Altair to work here by voting on-chain in the portal:

The vote will be open for 7 days, and if passed will enable balance transfers of Altair and remove the Sudo key, effectively decentralizing it.

More comprehensive information on how to vote can be found here in our documentation.

Note: ***It is also important to leave at least 1 AIR token in your balance to pay for the transactions needed to bond and unbond your tokens for voting.

Governance and community participation is key to the future of Altair and Centrifuge, so we invite all AIR holders to take part.


Gm. Pas de jeton AIR sur Kraken donc pas de vote possible ?

Bonjour. You need to have AIR in your external Polkadot wallet to be able to vote on the governance proposal