Altair Treasury Proposal 53: Collator Reward April 2023

GCG just created Treasury Proposal 53 (Council Motion 101) for 120,000 AIR (10 x 12,000) for the Altair Collator Rewards for April.

The funds would be transferred to our multi-sig wallet (kAJGxpNZAkV98WcPQ5p5foeN4brV7MaSHTbnZ6mc5XQK3ndDg) where the signers are:

@ImdioR: kANb1XCjPSCnqdABJtQj12iVUS6sTAwY4PcQX3X32ZLhPT9aB

@Rhano: kANbaVyXTPPKZgwkD1mQ34A6KDpubc7XGxBZUQ1vVUj9AYVHM

Once the funds arrive in our multi-sig, we will transfer 12,000 AIR to each of the collators. With the implementation of Block Rewards on Altair, the collators payout will happen automatically so hopefully this is the last time it has to be done manually.

Until now, we have created individual treasury proposals for each collator. The reason we do it this way, is to avoid having 10 individual council motions/treasury proposals for the council to vote on.

We will update this post with links to all transactions.

The next spending period on Altair begins at block #3,196,800 (Tuesday 30th May ~10.58 pm CET) so please vote on this proposal before that to avoid delays, councillors.

Vote on the motion here.

@Tjure07 @Ilhan @branan @Yarosl6 @vedhavyas @lucasvo @Ash


Treasury Proposal 53 (Council Motion 101) has passed in the council.

The rewards will be transferred to the multi-sig when the next spending period begins at block #3,196,800 and will distributed to each individual collator from there shortly after.

All funds to the collators have now been transferred from our multi-sig.

You can check all transactions here.