Altair council candidacy - Davoa Capital

Hello fellow Centrifugians!

Id like to formally announce Davoa candidacy for the Altair Council


  • 7y Background in TradFi as a financial engineer (securitization of RWA) and 3y as a VC in the fintech and DeFi space.
  • Davoa is an early investors - 18months ago → 5m CFG/ AIR
  • Davoa/1754 is a trusted and performing validator
  • Davoa/1754 is one of the largest AO
  • Davoa is a large TIN and DROP holder across several pools >$4m
  • Davoa debt venture has successfully set up a 25m debt venture fund to help AUM growth
  • Davoa started to incubate and invest in the centrifuge ecosystem, 1754 and Cauris, to create secondary market and corporate grade tools and a new generation of AO.

Why you should vote for me:

Alignment of interest from a super user (validator/holder; investor, AO)

We have some ideas on how to grow both buy and sell side.

Discord: FabØ#8941


Bonjour Fabien. Great to see a broad spectrum of candidacies with you as an Asset Originator