Council Candidate Introduction: KeanuOps

Hello Altair Community,

KeanuOps would like to submit candidacy on Altair Council.
The people behind KeanuOps are Ved (Profile - vedhavyas - Centrifuge Governance Forum) & Miguel (Profile - mikiquantum - Centrifuge Governance Forum).
We are core developers of the Centrifuge protocol and have experience running an active validator on Centrifuge chain since the beginning, providing security to the network.

We work on the runtime & protocol team, responsible for building DeFi products, peer-to-peer document exchange & consensus layer, core centrifuge chain development and chain ops.

This means that we are involved in developing Centrifuge and Altair Chain features (centrifuge-chain) and DeFi products on the mentioned chain (moving tinlake to the centrifuge chain), runtime upgrade operations, managing Centrifuge’s and own validators setup and maintenance, building tools that are used in the Polkadot ecosystem like GSRPC and community support efforts across all the above.

We are also current Council members of the Centrifuge Chain on mainnet (Polkadot/Substrate Portal):

We have been actively involved in all fronts from the inside and can bring great value to the Altair ecosystem with our deep technical knowledge of Centrifuge products and services from developer and product perspectives.

We are very excited on submitting our candidacy to the Altair council and hope to get your vote! Please do not hesitate on reaching us if you have any questions, on any of the Centrifuge community channels or in this thread!

Let’s take off!


Welcome to the elections and good luck! :slight_smile: