2021-04-01 Video of Community Call # 10 Pool Onboarding

Check out the Centrifuge Community Call #10: Pool Onboarding!

06:15 Miguel Presents ChaChaCha Relay Chain
12:57 New members of the Centrifuge team: Devin, JP, Frederik and Marc
17:05 Lucas - Why are we Doing what we’re Doing?
29:09 Cassidy and Martin give a quick overview of the Underwriter token idea
31:16 Jeroen presents the new Tinlake onboarding UI
42:24 Martin shows key things to look out for in the tax forms



Thanks everyone. Although Martin did not cover databased finance which is based in Hong Kong from a tax point of view. Maybe next time ? Would be good to know if there are any differences.

Hey @martin is there anything you can share on Hong Kong?

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thank you guys for sending me the email notification. I wouldn’t have known about this video otherwise.