What to do if I can't see the AIR-tokens from the snapshot in the Polkadot wallet?

After the runtime Upgrade 1: State Snapshot migration (https://gov.centrifuge.io/t/runtime-upgrade-1-enabling-snapshot-state-migration/3000) the Altair-balance from the snapshot date can be found in the Polkadot app on the Altair-network.

If you don’t see your AIR-balance in the Polkadot wallet (https://polkadot.js.org/apps/#/explorer) you need to manually add your new Altair-account:

(1) Make sure the Polkadot extension is allowed and set to “Allow on any chain”. Change the network in the Polkadot app to “Kusama & Parachains” and “Altair”

(2) Because the Centrifuge-account and the Altair-account are connected you can add the AIR-account with the same seed phrase and json.file you used to backup your CFG-account. For adding your account with your seed phrase go to “Accounts”, click on “Add account” and paste your CFG-seed phrase into “mnemonic seed”. For importing it via the json.file click on “Restore JSON” and drag&drop the backup file. Enter the same password used for the CFG-account.

A friendly reminder: always store your seed phrase and json.backup file in a secure place!



Thanks for this!

#1 may not work for those who are injecting their address from the polkadot.js browser extension into the web app, so this is when #2 may be necessary for many.

I used the parity signer for collecting my CFG from Tinlake. I got the Air token from snapshot. I can see my Air but everytime i have to add accout via QR code and the account dissapear when you swith to anyothe relay chain on polkadot.js.

I also can’t transfer the Air to the other AIR accout because the parity signer won’t let me do it.

what should i do , interm of transfer that AIR token out , so i don’t need to keep adding the AIR account to Polkadot.js

Thank you

@jazflower You probably need to allow the account to be used on any chain in Polkadot.js. In the accounts list, click the 3 dots on the righthand side of your account, then make sure “only this network” is turned off — see:


Thank you for your reply.

Yes I can see the AIR on Altair now but I still can not transfer between Altair accounts . the transection show

" System.ExtrinsicFailed "

I normally had to sign signal from parity signer but I accidently exported the account to polkadot.js and Type has changed from “External” to “sr25519”
Is that relevant to the issued?

Many Thanks

That is because transfer of AIR is not enabled yet. It will be possible after Runtime Upgrade 4.

Please check roadmap to see where we are. Runtime Upgrade 2 is scheduled for this week.

Hi Rhano, thank you for heping . I checked on polkadot.js , on the righd hand side the drop down mane say : transferrable.

Thank you again .

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I received CFG from coinlist despite the fact that I wanted to receive it on polkadot.js extension…So why will I receive my Altair token now please? Is it in coinlist or polkadot.js extension?

I thought blame Coinlist and then spam the Telegram chat :sweat_smile:

If you received your CFG on coinlist and held the 16th of July during snapshot, Coinlist will distribute the AIR to you.

But you would need to provide them with an AIR wallet address (if you have an account on Polkadot.js.extension, you already have one). See this post for how to get it:

You should have received an email from Coinlist regarding this by now - check your spam filter if you haven’t.

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