Runtime Upgrade 1 - Enabling Snapshot State Migration

Hello everyone,

We are ready to start executing on the Altair Launch Plan proposed here: Altair: Hello, World!. We won Kusama parachain auction #9… | by Cassidy | Altair Network | Oct, 2021 | Medium
The first step contains the following actions:

  • Execute Runtime Upgrade 1 - This contains the code needed to migrate account state and balance from snapshot taken on our standalone chain (6650475).
  • Run migration to execute the above using batches, to make sure that our block time is below kusama threshold on block validation and inclusion

This process should take a few hours.

Execution plan:

  • Trigger Runtime Upgrade: Today - 10am Pacific Time + Kusama 1 hour delay
  • Trigger State Migration execution: Today ~ 11am Pacific Time

We will notify when the process is done so you can check that at the point of snapshot taken balances now contain equivalent amount in AIR tokens.


Runtime Upgrade 1 + Migration execution has been completed successfully.
Feel free to import your accounts here: Polkadot/Substrate Portal

In case you had proxy accounts, until we update the correspondent polkadot-js types, add this block to Settings → Developer (save and refresh browser):

  "ProxyType": {
    "_enum": [