What is a "Collator" and why is it important for a parachain?

Since Centrifuge will launch its parachain on Polkadot soon, here is a brief description of collators and its role for a parachain: Collators maintain parachains by aggregating parachain transactions into parachain block candidates and producing state transition proofs for validators based on those blocks.

Unlike validators, collator nodes do not secure the network. If a parachain block is invalid, it will get rejected by validators.



How will the team ensure we have a sufficient amount of neutral collators to prevent censorship on our parachains?

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Good day MiniQ
Thank you for the good question.
Now we don’t have specific criteria and numbers of Collators that will be onboarded but during the prev. Gov Call Cassidy,MQ and Lucas said :

  1. Max and min numbers are still not decided yet and will be decided in the nearest future.
  2. We should find a trade-off between min and max.

More info will be released and discussed in the future.
As you know Centrifuge always would like to be decentralized.
Please stay tuned with us for more info.