[Validator Introduction] KREMA VALIDATOR

Hi everybody,

My name is Lluís, from Mallorca (Spain). I am an independent validator, starting a farm of multiple validator nodes for several blockchains, but I started with a Centrifuge validator node, since I am a heavy holder of this awesome project.

Feel free to drop me questions related to the node (hardware, comission, strategy) vía inbox or ask me for an email if you prefer.

I am looking for nominators, in order to start having enough volume to get elected on each era and we all benefit of the staking (reducing hardware costs).

Here you have the details of the node, and I look forwaring receiving your nominations!

Address: 4gb4vRNa2z813yw2J7PA4ztTGeL9wrfmU6aDYwZ8ZSR22feC


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Hola Lluís.

Thanks for your Validator Introduction. An information the nominators surely want to know is how much fees to you charge for staking with you?