[Validator Introduction] Keanu Ops Validator

Hello everyone,
Keanu-ops team is excited to be part of the Centrifuge community.
The current members of the team, @mikiquantum and I, have experience running Centrifuge validators in Flint, Amber and Mainnet networks since the beginning of the lifespan of the project.
We believe in Centrifuge’s mission and in the Polkadot ecosystem and we are active contributors to both projects.
A little bit about our infrastructure:

If this information feels compelling we would love to get your nominations under validator KeanuOps with address: 4gin6c6uPwNRyT1nt55CjYDEMbDnUfjrTW4GJMpmfj3KQW5m
Contact information:
Email: keanuops@gmail.com
Telegram: Contact @keanuops
All the best!


Wow. That’s good to hear Ved. I have often noticed you in validators section of discord channel!!.

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