[Validator Introduction] Davoa Capital

Centrifuge introduction: Davoa Capital’s validator candidacy

About Davoa Capital

Davoa Capital finds its unique position of strength in the market by way of its niche strategy. Through macroeconomic multivariable analysis, it identifies sprouting projects that will grow to define the financial ecosystem of tomorrow; Davoa Capital is investing in emerging leaders, service providers and decentralized protocols that will empower the growth and success of blockchain finance with a view to further the WEB3 infrastructure. The organization has developed its expertise in financial systems, financial regulation, FinTech, behavioural finance, management accounting and blockchain technology through a decade of work in asset management and advisory across an array of sectors.

Davoa Capital is well-connected with economically-active regions of Latin America, Southeast Asia and West Africa. Through targeted marketing and execution of product-market fit strategies, Davoa Capital will connect DeFi protocols with FinTech industries, creating a revenue path. Specifically, Davoa Capital will strategize to focus on the following:

  • FinTech equity
  • DeFi projects
  • Underlying protocol

Why Centrifuge?

We, at Davoa Capital, are convinced that a BTB-focussed strategy will accelerate adoption through the provision of a fiat-to-cryptocurrency on-ramp and increased market liquidity, especially so during the foreseeable cash crunch and credit contraction. Centrifuge will open the floodgates of major digital transformation. For a wider perspective, consider the graphical illustrations detailed in the following link: https://bit.ly/33ubQuL

Davoa Capital’s contribution to Centrifuge ecosystem

The collaboration will offer value through the following avenues:

  • Tinlake Pools: Davoa Capital will aim to provide liquidity on the network by setting up a dedicated SPV with our legal partners, furthering lending capacity with a view to increase locked AUM locked on the platform;

  • Security: our proposed validator is securely operated by Purestake.

Davoa Capital’s validator set up

Davoa Capital’s validator is managed by an experienced DevOps team using a set of ISO27K-compliant processes, including change and incident management. The validator has been optimized to mitigate the risk of larger slashing events and is actively managed by personnel and monitored 24x7x365. In addition to the team managing the validator, Davao’s validator is secured by a mutli-cloud sentry network that provides unparalleled security and uptime to Davoa’s nominators and the Centrifuge network.