Council Candidate Introduction: DeFi Capital Markets

Hi Centrifuge Community,

On behalf of DeFi Capital Markets (DCM) I am submitting our on-chain council candidacy for Centrifuge.

DeFi Capital Markets (“DCM”), is an entity in the Centrifuge DAO that is focused on building the future of decentralized capital markets by onboarding institutional investors, assets and infrastructure to the DeFi ecosystem. We at DCM are currently contributing to the Centrifuge, the RWA Market (Aave), MakerDAO and are also active in governance across several other communities. The current, and future, employees of DCM are largely from institutional investment and credit backgrounds. We believe that we can bring lots to the table in the governance process, specifically championing an institutional voice and bringing an external perspective to the mix.

By the way of personal introduction, I’m Mike, the founder of DCM. I’ve been working on building both Centrifuge and Altair and am excited at the prospect of getting more involved in governance. I am working closely with @nicolo and we’d like to think that we have both played a meaningful role in building the Centrifuge network, and will continue to do so going forward.

Although we were once part of the Centrifuge core team, we have since spun out and there now exists a degree of separation sufficient enough that we believe we could bring an outside perspective to the council. We are dedicated to forwarding the vision of real-world assets in DeFi and have made it our mission across the various communities we are active in to meaningfully increase adoption. We are huge proponents of the Centrifuge technology and have worked at length to champion the protocol within the Web3 ecosystem and beyond.

We believe that Centrifuge is currently at an inflection point in their journey as they transition to their own parachain and prove the commercial use case through rapid scaling. We at DCM hope to play a key part in this inflection and look forward to the potential of being active on the council to help steer the vision.

As a representative of CFG holders we would commit to working to the highest standard of integrity and always act in what we believe is the best interest of the protocol and its token holders. We are excited by the opportunity to represent you and look forward to the prospect of gaining a council seat.


Good day DCM
DCM can count on my vote :wink:
I am sure that with your experience you will be able to promote and improve the project in the right direction!

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Thanks for the support!

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Good luck for the election. My vote is in already

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