[Validator Applicant Introduction] Wanderer

Hello community!

My name is Sergey.

I’m professional IT engineer and working in a various fields of IT sphere now. According to wise statement, loving work / profession is a kind of happiness.

I’m also the independent professional validator

My chosen professional area is web programming. As you know, web programming is not only about web sites stuff – this is much wider concept, including client-server architecture, cloud computing, distributed systems, horizontal scaling and lots of other related principles and ideas. I believe this is perspective line of development both IT technologies on the whole, and professional carrier for individual programmer.

I’m also real fun of crypto world, and was involved very deeply into various start-ups since 2019. The projects I took part in are: Elrond (two test-nets), Shipchain (received the grant from the Dev Team), I took part in the famous CELO testnet, and many other cosmos-based and polkadot-based testnets.

I’m running now OASIS Mainnet full node (and received Foundation delegations), I’m Solana Mainnet Validator, and the Graph Mainnet Indexer.


I cound Centrifuge idea and concept very promising and the huge added-value to the Polkadot ecosystem, so looking forward to be a validator on the Centrifuge Mainnet to build a secure decentralized network .

Email : alawookal@gmail.com
Telegram : @wan_ss
Discord : Wanderer#1042
Keybase : wanderer_s