[Validator Applicant Introduction] Alexander (aka Bambarello) Validator

Hello Centrifuge community!

I would like to briefly introduce myself and my background as a validator and contributor.

Being in crypto since 2017 I took part in a number of various testnet and mainnet startups, took part in the community contribution and successful spin off of the following of a various projects like: Sero testnet and mainnet, QuarkChain testnet then mainnet, Tera Blockchain mainnet.

Then 2019-2020 was the year of various POS startup endeavors and I was involved in quite a number of testnets rolled over to mainnet, as example:

CELO - Testnet and now I’m Qualified Mainnet Validator who received the Foundation Votes and successfully validating the mainnet.

The Graph - completed testnet, received the foundation rewards and now successfully running the indexer in the mainnet.

Oasis completed successfully the testnet and received the Foundation rewards and now the mainnet validator.

Solana Mainnet - I’m mainnet-beta qualified validator, with the stake received from the Foundation.

Certik Mainnet - Validator and received Foundation votes to keep the decentralization.

Sentinel pre-mainnet - Validator and one of top 10 winners of testnet (top 3 Foundation rewards for the testnet).

Crypto.com - currently running the testnet Validator, signed collaboration agreement as a dedicated testnet contributor.

Bitsong - testnet, completed rounds 3-5 and ready for the mainnet.

Completed testnets: Pocket, Mina, Regen (a few rounds to be done), Secret Network, Robonomics, Bitsong (received rewards), etc.

There are other projects I’m involved in currently and running validators.

I’m working on dedicated hosting services like Hetzner, OVH, as well as Vultr/DO and setting up the monitoring and alerting systems by default (prometheus+grafana is my favorite soluttion now).

I’m interested in running new and innovative projects, found Centrifuge really promising and would be really happy to run the mainnet validator for your project with votes/support from the foundation.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Alexander S.

GitHub: https://www.github.com/Bambarello
Telegram: @lasix
Keybase: @bambarello


Welcome on board Alex, get my vote, and good luck!

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Thanks Alex ) glad to meet you again and everywhere :slight_smile:

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Good view, mate! Welcome ))