[Validator Introduction] Masternode24

Hello, my name is Alexander Buterus, from Germany.
I founded Masternode24 with the Aim of Providing professional Validating and Staking-Services for projects from the Cosmos and Polkadot ecosystems.
I only became aware of the Project Centrifuge 4 months ago. To get to know the project a little better, I participated in both Testnetworks AMBER and FLINT.
During a Video-Call, Cassidy explained the Product and Business-Model very well.
I am really very impressed with the Performance and Implementation of the Team behind the Centrifuge so far.

Today I got the Opportunity to be a Validator of the Mainnet, which makes me very proud and I am also happy to be Part of the Community!

Contact Info:
Email: centrifuge@masternode24.de
Website: https://masternode24.de