[Validator Applicant Introduction] Rainbloodz

Hello, Good day everyone,

I’m Rainbloodz, I don’t have the so called team right now… I have a little background on programming way back 2014 and I’m also a freelance artist way back time. A client paid me a hefty sum of 40 bitcoins and of course that’s fine with me. At first, I didn’t know anything about bitcoin, why does it have that sort of value? And why does it’s value increases over time? The time came where I saw one ad about bitcoin and I remembered I have bitcoins that time. I opened my bitcoin wallet, and guess what? It’s there. I became interested with bitcoins after that and even until now. I saw that there’s something great that’s going to happen if I pursue it, and because of my constant learning I now come here as a mainnet validator.

I also run nodes in


that’s quite a development a period of time. I guess you went for full time exploration. I hope to have such a rapid growth. Happy for you.


Thank you very much! Yea… I do full time exploration for this and also trading like I don’t know how to draw now I guess haha. Hope to see such such growth from you too!