[Validator Applicant Introduction] gliridian

Hi everyone! I’m gliridian, I was introduced in running a validator node first with Theta Edge Node. That one is quite easy. Then I went on looking for more “bandwitdth type kind of coins” and then found out about Idena, so I ran it too. Then I discovered Plasm. So I ran it too. Then discovered a whole bunch of it in telemetry… I was amazed on the projects in the Polkadot ecosystem. That’s why I’m here.

Here are the nodes that I’m running right now:

  • Plasm
  • Idena
  • NKN
  • Theta Edge Node
  • Stafi

Today I finished setting up Centrifuge’s mainnet, amber and flint.

If you need any help. Don’t hesitate to give a like to this post and message here. And I will help you how to set them up. I will also help you setting up other nodes that I’m running that I stated above. :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading. Let’s connect!