User manual for accounts and staking on Centrifuge

Good evening Prankstr25
Staking has ceased to exist after migration. Because we are already the parachain and security of network now will be guarantee by Polkadot (we don’t need any more validators).
All your tokens were unbounded after migration and you can find them here:

  1. Select Polkadot network.
  2. Select Centrifuge
  3. Click switch.
    In the section Accounts, you will find your tokens.
    What is next? Staking?

First of all, I would like to invite you to read our Road Map here:

4: CFG Token Utility

  • Origination fees : With the new pools, borrowers will pay protocol fees that will go into the on-chain treasury.
  • Staking to launch pools : As new pools go live, token holders will be able to indicate trustworthy pools by staking to them. The stake serves as pool insurance in case of default, but also earns part of the transaction fees of the pool it insures.
  • Rewards to incentivize users of the protocol : As we build out a community of token holders, they can perform important functions in the protocol. The protocol can offer incentives not just to liquidity providers as is the case today with Tinlake, but also in the future to other actors such as underwriters and oracles.

Well…Validators will be replaced by Collators and the onboarding process is just around the corner.
About utility, pools, staking and something more…
Cassidy last week opened RFC:

Jump in and write what you think about this.

I see. So are the tokens that were previously bonded now transferable? I dont need to do anything?

Yes.Correct. Tokens were unbounded and now they are ready to be transferred.

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OK, thank you! And finally, are there any changes to the either the CFG token or the bridge to wCFG as a result of the new chain?

After the migration to parachain, there are some minor changes as to how to see your tokens, transfer them, participate in governance etc. in the portal. You can find information regarding that here.

There was an update to the bridge were the funds were moved from the old bridge to the new bridge. The referendum passed and bridge should now work as intended (same way as earlier). The forum post about that is here.

Topic closed because staking ceased to exist on Centrifuge chain