Simple explanations of staking and accounts in Centrifuge

I’m currently working on creating simple explanations of the different aspects of staking in Centrifuge (and the Polkadot ecosystem in general) and have made a couple of illustrations so far.

These illustrations show:

  • How staking rewards are calculated
  • How a stash and controller account works

Hopefully it will clarify some of the questions the community has.


Awesome, Rhano! Good work. Two complicated topics for newcomers explained and easier to understand with the visualization

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Wow. This makes it much easier for me. Thank you very much. I have a question. I have some DOT… Can I use it for Centrifuge auction?

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Hi Helmwig. Yes you can stake DOT for the upcoming Centrifuge parachain auction but the start date hasn’t been announced yet. Please register for the waitlist on the website

Topic closed because staking ceased to exist on Centrifuge chain