[Validator Introduction] Anonstake

Hi everyone!

Here at Anonstake we are happy to join the Centrifuge community. We are excited with the project vision on solving real world problems and how they are approaching it. Being a believer in the Polkadot ecosystem, we expect great things to come from Centrifuge!

About us:

Anonstake is a staking infrastructure provider for Proof-of-Stake blockchains. We run secure and reliable nodes for different Proof-of-Stake protocols ensuring efficiency and security.

Our team is passionate about blockchain and IT technology and consists in a mix of youth and experienced team members. We are passionate about decentralisation as it represents a key ingredient for any successful blockchain. Our goal as a staking infrastructure provider is to support adoption and decentralisation in all projects we are actively present. We are active validators in a few networks (Cosmos, Kusama, Polkadot (soon), Tezos, Aion, Cardano) and participate in many testnets (Nucypher, Coda, Avalanche, Near, Meter, Akash, etc ).

We wish Centrifuge creates a productive and friendly validator community that will thrive together with the team. We hope to join the validator set and help maintain a secure and healthy network!

On Amber and Flint testnets you can find us by on-chain identity: Anonstake

On mainnet this is our validator address:

More about us:

Our website
Email: support@anonstake.com

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