[Collator Introduction] Anonstake

Hello Centrifuge community,

Here at Anonstake we are and have been a big supporter of the Centrifuge/Altair ecosystem and want to be a part of the project in the future. We have been running validators on Centrifuge chain since August 2020, after being active on both testnets (Amber & Flint). We liked the product idea of Centrifuge right away and see potencial in the business model it proposes.

About Anonstake

We are a team of seven located in Europe. We have been involved in crypto since 2016 and have been running validator nodes since 2018. We are an experienced team that focuses on security and promoting decentralization. We employ best practices and always strive to improve. We join the projects we like in their early phases and provide reliable infrastructure based on chain requirements. We also run public rpcs and other infrastructure useful to the project.


  • We run own dedicated bare-metal servers hosted in secured datacenters
  • We take devops/sysops seriously and make sure we have hardened security of our servers
  • We monitor our nodes with Prometheus/Loki/Grafana stack
  • We have 27/7 monitoring with OpsGenie mobile push alerts so we get alerted right away
  • We track released updates in dedicated channels

Centrifuge validators

  • Anonstake (100% uptime, no slashing)
  • Anonstake 2 (100% uptime, no slashing)

Substrate ecosystem

  • We run active validators on Kusama (1000 Validators programme)
  • We run Stafi chain validators
  • We were one of the first collators on Moonriver
  • We are in process of joining Calamari & Bifrost collators

Other ecosystems

  • Tendermint (Akash, Certik, Rizon, Gravity-Bridge, Pocket, Desmos, Axelar)
  • Tezos, Mina, Casper, Avalanche
  • Ethereum (SKALE, eth 2.0 validators, SSV)

We hope to keep supporting Centrifuge and Altair on their parachains.
Get in touch if you have any questions!

Telegram: @anonstakecom
E-mail: support@anonstake.com