Tinlake going mobile

Have you visited Tinlake on your smartphone recently? It should look and feel much better now. We are very proud of the recently shipped MVP for Tinlake on mobile. Dashboard and all the tabs of each pool are now optimized for mobile so you can browse and explore the current state of Tinlake and each pool. Note, that investing/redeeming is not optimized for mobile yet, we still recommend to use a desktop with browser/Metamask for this. We hope to tackle this soon in a later release. Let us know if you have any feedback.


Looks great, but how can I connect wallet through mobile?

Depending on which wallet you use, you can connect from the investment tab through the invest button. But as mentioned, the mobile version is not optimised for transactions yet. If you want to invest/redeem or manage your investments, we still recommend using Desktop/Browser with Metamask plugin or other supported wallet

If you used Metamask, you can open Tinlake in the Metamask browser. Your wallet will be connected automatically and you can browse pools from your phone.

I’ve been using mobile version to check status for some time now and I am loving the new dashboard. All of the information is there, it’s not crowded so you don’t get overwhelmed and it only takes a glance to get the basic information of the chosen pool.
All in all awesome work!