Seeking to engage with experts in your industry to support my academic research

Hello Centrifuge Community,

I’m reaching out to you in the hopes that you are doing well and seeking a small yet essential courtesy.

I am performing important academic research, concentrating on ascertaining whether Bitcoin and Blockchain contribute to Sustainable Business Models (SBMs) and management across the European/UK business landscape, and thus whether they expand an enterprise’s potential through embracing a robust SBM.

I would greatly appreciate connecting with industry leaders, experts, and professionals who operate in a variety of innovation-focused industries, potentially performing Tech-oriented, Senior Management, Executive Management, and C-level roles, thus specialists demonstrating proficiency in Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies, as well as comprehension of Business Model and Sustainable Business Model constituents, as I am seeking participation in a survey/questionnaire to support my research study.

Comprehensive explanations, in addition to an Informed Consent form, an Introduction to the study, and the survey document itself will be provided accordingly (please see attached). The timeframe for participation is established between today and March 18th, 2023, while adhering to a stringent deadline.

I would highly welcome the opportunity to engage with experts and practitioners who will play a crucial role in my study and contribute meaningfully to its successful outcome.

Please feel free to contact me directly, via private Linkedin messaging, or through my email address:

Thank you sincerely for your attention and consideration.

Best Regards,

Robert L. Ferrari

Hi I would certainly be open to participate in your study, is there room for US based participants?

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Hello @sirj, thanks for your message. As much as I would love to consider your participation, the research focuses on the EU/UK business landscape, and I may not be able to integrate it unless your organization is based in such regions and you are capable of responding for the firm. Please let me know. If such is the case, I would gladly provide the Introduction to my study and the associated questionnaire. Should it not work out, your enthusiasm is still well appreciated :smiley:

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@ErnestoVila @AleG @martin would any of you be interested in this opportunity?

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Thanks for endorsing me on this @sirj, it really means a lot! :hugs:

Hi Robert. Thanks for your introduction and for reaching out to us. Your study seems to be an important piece of scientific work and hopefully someone from the community can support you to be a big success.

Maybe one of our ambassadors @ogthekingofbashan can support you as he is an entrepreneur from the UK.

What kind of survey is it? With open questions or more multiple choice?

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Hello @Tjure07 :smiley: It is absolutely my pleasure. My project is certainly a significant piece of scientific work, and I am excited to include experts in the area to assist me in advancing it further while obtaining primary evidence to support it, without which it would be meaningless.

It would be fantastic! Anyone who is based in the EU/UK areas may participate, potentially displaying expertise/knowledge across the topics under consideration. The questionnaire I designed is divided into three sections: the first section includes 20 questions structured around the Likert Scale paradigm, enabling me to analyze experts’ knowledge, perspectives, and behaviors around BT and BTC technology; the second section includes 20 multiple-choice and open-ended questions concerning the application of such technologies, addressing challenges/constraints, advantages/benefits, additional specifics, and organizational features of BTC and BT; the final section focuses on classification and demographic questions, such as age, gender, job description, industry, firm size, and geographical region. Overall, it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to complete the task. I would be delighted to offer the introduction to my research, as well as the questionnaire itself, for a more full understanding of it. :star_struck: can you share more about your background/credentials and what makes you ideal to do this research?


@Lumination Thank you for raising the question and enabling me to elaborate.

My professional expertise lies in General Management, long-range business strategy, as well as International Business Administration.

Over the course of my career, I’ve had the opportunity to master leadership roles and develop an outstanding track record of accomplishment in a range of industries, including the hospitality, retail, clothing, lighting, design-architecture-engineering, wholesales, FMCG, and agri-food sectors. I was primarily in charge of running businesses, expanding organizations’ reach, improving revenue streams, pursuing and implementing strategic commercial and marketing endeavors, enhancing workforce performance, executing strategic plans to achieve and maximize operational targets, expanding and serving the client base while sustaining a customer-centric emphasis, and advance companies to the next level.

As a growth-oriented executive with fifteen years of professional experience, I’m well-versed in business management, having served in a range of Top-Management roles such as General Manager, Director of Growth, Commercial Director, and Country Manager. My academic background essentially concentrates on International Business Administration. I possess a Master’s degree in International Business and Strategy, a CMI Certified Manager Qualification, and have conducted previous studies at Pace University in New York, comprehensively earning credentials in International Business Administration, Financial Management, International Strategic Management, International Marketing Management, Strategic Leadership, Project Management, and Operations Management.

I’m currently enrolled in an MBA program at the Guglielmo Marconi University in Rome, and the research I’m undertaking is the core of my Dissertation thesis. This study was inspired by a growing interest in BTC and BT advancements, as well as a desire to enhance the rapidly emerging field of Sustainable Business Models (SBMs). After conducting an in-depth study on the subject and growing tremendously passionate about these technologies, I realized that it was essential to look into how the performance of cutting-edge technologies like BTC and BT can facilitate innovative SBMs and capitalize on opportunities for advancements in SBM for businesses. I soon realized how fascinating the study topic was, and I found myself driven to explore further in detail around such innovations, which I discovered to be a critical component in moving businesses beyond traditional models and toward SBMs. Hence, my objective is to identify a connection between BTC, BT, and SBM in order to potentially develop a framework and a standard that might be applied to broaden and accelerate the development of digitalized SBMs in both research and practice. Ultimately, I’ve engaged in this research as a challenge of my own in order to stretch myself, step outside of my comfort zone and develop a new understanding around such topics.

I hope this captures the full picture.


Hello Everyone! Good afternoon.

I hope you are all doing well. I’m reaching out in order to determine whether anyone is interested in participating in and endorse my research. I’ve extended the deadline until March 31st.

While I look forward to staying in touch, I’d like to wish you all a nice week ahead.



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