RFC: Proposal for mandate for Governance & Coordination Group

Thank you for your input @ctcunning.

I am personally a big advocate for making information accessible to everyone in a simple, structured and organised way. One of our tasks is actually to make sure that documentation is updated and uploaded the relevant places - this could be extended to the documentation on the Forum.

However, this would have to be done in collaboration with @Tjure07 who is our Forum Facilitator.

We both (Ivan and I) believe that the current structure and presentation of the documentation can and should be improved. Our focus, to begin with, will be to propose a clearer Governance process and a Proposal Framework, as we mention in this proposal. I believe a re-structuring of the Forum will be looked into as the next step, assuming the Community approves of the proposal.

I fully support the existence of this group, and would like to become a member. I haven’t been as fully engaged these past couple months, as I’ve been looking for work in other areas. But I believe my background as previous Governance Facilitator could still be a positive contribution within the group.

Here we go and we have the first applicant to the group. :v:

But I suggest to tread this indepentendly from the creation of the group. As mentioned in the thread above, the group has to decide how and whom to nominate as a member. This can be done only after the group exists


Thanks for the remark, Colin.

I agree, forum users need some navigation and a guideline “how to use it”. Especially when it comes to the governance process. Now we have Opensquare/Subsquare as an additional User Interface for voting and we need to make sure everyone who participates in the process understands the navigation and the standard (e.g. I’d like to see some naming convention for proposals and referendums to make voting as clear as possible).

As @Rhano said, this has to be done in accordance with the members of ghe GCG

Right, definitely getting a little ahead of myself ;).

But yeah, this is a fantastic step forward by @Rhano and @ImdioR towards the formalization of the stewardship of the DAO, and I think the current list of directives really accurately reflects what needs to be addressed within the current state of Governance.


Good day Tjure07
Yes, of course. GCG will cover all Governance processes in Centrifuge and Altair.

GCG should and will interact, in case of need, with DAO, individual community members, or other projects as well in order to guarantee the correct work, integration, or improvements of the protocol.

First of all. Thank you, it is great to see this group being formed.

On the above: I personally think it is really important that compensation is already part of this proposal as it is essential for the formation of the GCP.

Another thing I wanted to ask is: This proposal is implicitly also a proposal for the formation of a DAO istelf, right?

Hi @Rhano,

As I mentioned above I think it would benefit the proposal to be more precise on the compensation and have it in the proposal. I’m sure you will do a great job and create good docs for the community.

The planned amount of members is now clear to me as well as the process to add or remove members in the group.

I hope this helps.

Hi @mustermeiszer, appreciate your input and support.

For now we are funded by an existing community grant agreement with the Centrifuge Network Foundation in return for our community building work. For the time being, this can cover our remuneration and we will work out a more detailed funding proposal for the GCG and any additional members as it becomes needed. Cc @annamehr.

No, this proposal is not for the formation of the Centrifuge DAO - this proposal is to legitimise our existence as a group within the Centrifuge DAO.


Huge amount ow work lies ahead, but when it is all sorted out, we will all benefit from it


This proposal has moved to a snapshot vote (ex poll) :partying_face:

:arrow_forward: Please cast your vote via snapshot voting on OpenSquare here .

Remember, that you don’t lose your CFG tokens by voting in a snapshot vote nor are you locking them.

Thanks, everyone for participating in the discussion.


Thank you for the detailed explanation and functions of GCG. I see couple of points here that I would like to understand further. GCG will try to support the community members in putting up the proposals in formal way so that it’s easier or also acts as a Governance Body to decide whether a proposal fits for screening.

Also when you say that lot of time and work needs to be done by someone who is willing to be part of GCG a approximate hours will be better so that members applying will have an idea if they can contribute those hours and some times little more members can be better to cover the activities and provide a feed back. Else it will get focused on couple of individuals option or view.

It would be better to provide a brief requirements of people willing to working in GCG

Hi @Eshwar, thank you for your interest in our proposal.

Our function is first and foremost to assist the community to submit their proposal(s) correctly and in the right format. And by right format, I mean to use the correct proposal type and template, include all relevant information etc. We also have to ensure that they follow the outlined Governance process (i.e. follow all the steps and in the correct order).

If a proposal deviates from the process, it will be our task to point this out and assist the proposer to do it correctly.

I fully agree with you that having extra pairs of eyes to monitor the process is helpful. It is also important to note that the GCG will not be the ones who determine the faith of proposal, based on a subjective opinion - our task will be to make sure that they follow the outlined guidelines, principles, requirements and Governance process for that particular proposal type.

The basic requirements for joining and contributing to the GCG were mentioned here :point_down:

Especially the part with staying updated with all Governance activities is one of the things that is going to require a lot of commitment. Both @ImdioR and I are active in the Community every day and have recently, time wise, spent what corresponds to a full time occupation - there are always proposals that need assistance/monitoring, proposals that need to be followed up on, information/updates that need to be provided to the community.

In addition to that, documentation has to created/updated and uploaded to the relevant places and all changes to the Governance process have to be proposed to the Community so they can provide feedback and afterwards vote on it.


Thank you @Rhano for answering my questions in detail. Coming to the first part I good agree that assisting initial days is very important for the engagement of community in putting up new proposals and bringing ideas. But I would think a good Online form and Process in place that does most important part.

Coming to your requirement of many hours would be required initial days but once this process, check list in in place it would be self propelling and hours required from GCG will come down.

Is there a form or email where my details need to be shared to apply for role in GCG.


I agree, an online application form (such as a Google doc) would make sense for interested applicants to submit their application to become a member of the group.

This should be done by the GCG once it has been created and after that the newly formed group can look into the applicants and decide who could join

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Thank you for your input both @Eshwar and @Tjure07.

@Eshwar: It is a bit premature to start onboarding new members, given our proposal hasn’t passed yet and the group hasn’t been formed. If our proposal passes, our focus and first task will be to propose a clearer Governance process, including all the aforementioned documents.

Once all that is done, we will start looking into onboarding new members. I like the idea of an online form and we will look into that as well.

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The query is more into see, the process of selection and other details. I will be waiting for more information. Thank you

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The snapshot vote for this proposal has passed.

The GCG now officially has a mandate to pursue the objectives stated in this proposal.

Our first task will be to propose a new Governance process to the Community and elaborate a Code of Conduct, which will lay the foundation for our future Governance processes and moderation, if passed.

Thank you everyone for your support and vote - we are looking forward to get started with our tasks!

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Thanks, everyone for your support!
We will do our best :cyclone: :sunglasses:

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