[Referandum] Increasing the number of validators to 67

I submited a proposal for 12 validator increase. Since the proposal was successful, it will be voted on in a referendum this week. If you want to vote, the referendum is active now.


Of the 22 waiting validators:
9 have no identity, so can’t be readily mapped to anybody and their trustworthiness is hard to judge. Some have been elected in the past so have an on-chain history of being well-behaved validators, though.

6 that have identites are sub-accounts of existing validators, so we don’t gain much (if any) network security by potentially including them. In fact it just centralizes more under those big validator groups.

This leaves seven identified validators by new actors, which could increase security by decentralizing the network further. Of those, several haven’t introduced themselves on the forum. But as with identity-less validators, some of these also have been elected in the past and have on-chain histories of being well-behaved validators

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Thanks to team for voted no with 2.5 mcfg.

I will continue to hold referendums every week as I am sure you are not working for the community and the project.

Hello Turk Validator.
You forget to follow the simple rules again before opening a new proposal you should create a topic on the forum.

Please follow simple rules and start discussion BEFORE open a proposal or referendum.
I would like to remember you:

  1. First step - 1: - Start a discussion in the forum.
  2. Second step - 2: Comment on any proposal on the Centrifuge governance forum.
  3. Third step - 3: Propose a public referendum
  4. Fourth step - 4: -Prioritize public referendum
  5. Fifth Step - 5 : -Vote on a referendum

Here you will find more info:

As a result of avoiding simple rules, your proposal will fail.
In addition I suggest you to take a deep reading of this post:

Simple increasing of set validators +6 already was contradicted by the real situation in the staking section.
In this new proposal, you asked to increase +12 validators and this is quite impressive because just with +6 validators your proposition does not sound good…

Feel free to ask us anything we will do our best for you!