Proposal: Increasing the number of validators to 95

As a cfg holder I made a recommendation for 40 validator increments without following the procedures. Unfortunately, when I start an argument and follow the procedure, I am blocked by the team for excuses. As a cfg holder, I will now make my own decisions. You can vote no :smirk:

This proposal would increase the validators by around 80%. There are less than 60 validators in the waiting set and a lot of them are unknown accounts. Adding all of them in one go is unwise and could endanger the stability & security of the network. I would propose to resubmit with a smaller increment

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This time I would like to make suggestions by following the procedures.

I gave up on this suggestion as the 40 validator increase proposal would not be for the benefit of the community. Due to the submission of the proposal, it will be voted on 2 weeks later. I would appreciate it if you vote no. I will present my proposal by revising it.

Thanks everyone for the discussion.

Since the proposal has passed, it will now be voted on in a referendum. I want you to vote no as it is not for the benefit of the community.