Poll: Increasing the number of validators to 61

You can vote whatever you want. After all, I will give a referendum every week. No problem for me.

Thank you Turk Validator
At least you agree with my arguments that clearly show a contradiction in your actual proposal.

In case you would like to create a proposal to increase the minimum amount of bond I would like just to remember you to follow the procedure:

  1. First step - 1: - Start a discussion in the forum.
  2. Second step - 2: Comment on any proposal on the Centrifuge governance forum.
  3. Third step - 3: Propose a public referendum
  4. Fourth step - 4: -Prioritize public referendum
  5. Fifth step - 5 : -Vote on a referendum
    Here you will find more info:

But please note that with the actual situation we have a lot of validators not oversubscribed and around 20+ validators with minimal staked amount ~ 0.4-5 CFG.
So increasing of min. amount of stake will give you the opposite effect. A lot of nominators (0.4-30CFG) will not be able to stake and this is mean that we will get much more NOT OVERSUCBRIBED validators.

If you will need help feel free to ask.

I tried to follow the procedures as much as possible. Yes, if you call it a contradiction: contradiction. Honestly, I don’t need to ask you about our own decisions. Because there is only team in the forum :)) This causes centralization.

Until now you never followed the procedure yet and always started from the last steps. And your prev. messages just confirm your prev statements.
You also avoided any healthy discussion about your proposal.
Maybe you missed again some point, but point 1 and point 2 talking clearly:

First step - 1: - Start a discussion in the forum.
Second step - 2: Comment on any proposal on the Centrifuge governance forum.

Step 1 - Discussion ( NOT ONLY CREATING TOPIC )
Step 2 - COMMENT on (not avoiding discussion)
I will tell you more. Two team members give you suggestions

that you successfully avoided and ignored… And one Team member despite all your violations and ignoring voted for your proposal…

Indeed you should not ask me. This is an open forum where all users could freely express their opinion in POLITE and RESPECTFUL way. This is how forum work :slight_smile:

As a result of avoiding rules and contradiction of your proposal every your new proposal and referendum gain less and less vote.
Now we hit just 1 AYE for your proposal… Even your community and friends would like to support you.

This is just a result of all that was written above.

Feel free to ask for any help or suggestion.

Everyone who has an account can and should post in the forum to participate in governance, the community FAQs and other topics. As far as I know you are no team member and you post in the forum as well.

So your claim is not true

The main reason, to follow the governance process and to post a request for comments as well a poll in the forum first, is to get an idea if the proposal has a chance to attract enough CFG-holders to vote in favor of it.
The responses to your proposals in the forum should give you an indication how likely a positive outcome of a public referendum will be

Thanks for the comments. I’m glad you’re going to vote nay in my weekly referendums. @Tjure07 @ImdioR

I suggest you check out who’s posted on the forum. @Tjure07 :slight_smile:

I closed the survey. Thank you to everyone who supported. 57% support made me happy.

Good day Turk Validator
0 comments in favor of VOTE and closing the poll manually without any reason, without a deadline just evidence how YOUR community supported your poll and referendum (1 Aya in a few days…)…

You are welcome.
You are an expert in creating proposals and referendums (until now 0 proposals or referendums were approved due to violation of procedure), so hope that in a few months you will be also an expert on the correct procedure of creating proposals and referendums. In case you don`t know or forget I would like to remember you 5 simple steps:

  1. First step - 1: - Start a discussion in the forum.
  2. Second step - 2: Comment on any proposal on the Centrifuge governance forum.
  3. Third step - 3: Propose a public referendum
  4. Fourth step - 4: -Prioritize public referendum
  5. Fifth step - 5 : -Vote on a referendum
    Here you will find more info:

p.s. Also would like to remember to express your opinion in a polite and respectful way. Thank you in advance.

Why would people vote when 2.5 MCFGs have been locked by the team? With the votes you cast, you turn the community away from democracy and turn into a centralist project. For these reasons, my referendum proposals will last forever. You don’t have to worry about the CFGs I spend. CFG is pretty cheap so I don’t feel sorry for the CFGs I spend.

Avoiding of simple 5 steps, not including “image” (in your prev proposals), ignoring suggestions = will bring you to results = FAIL.

Just in a simple discussion, it`s clearly emphasized that increasing the number of validators is useless.
More info you will find here: https://gov.centrifuge.io/t/poll-increasing-the-number-of-validators-to-61/3485/14?u=imdior

Summary In a few words:

  • 4 validators not oversubscribed
  • 20+ oversubscribed with 10-40 active staking with amount 0.04-1 CFG.

But you not only didn`t control this info before opening a topic but also created several proposals to increase +6,+12,+40.

Just because you avoid simple procedure (if you start following the procedure from the last steps this is also wrong (5->1 wrong). Just would like to remember you 1->2->3->4->5…)

Thanks for the comments. I’m glad you’re going to vote nay in my weekly referendums. @ImdioR

If you check the history of governance proposals for Centrifuge, and most recently for Altair, you can clearly see the number of voters who participated in them.
As well the number of contributors to the Altair and Centrifuge crowdloans indicate how decentralized the Centrifuge ecosystem is.
If you consider the feedback and comments you received in the forum to your proposals, you should realize, that increasing the validators by a large number is a risk to the network. Thus everyone, from the team to the broader community, has the right to protect the chain and decline your referanda.

If you constantly announce it on Telegram, Twitter and discord, of course, there will be many people who will vote. They voted because the community, which was uncomfortable with the process taking too long, accelerated this process.

You constantly announced (1) and talked(2) in the Turkish telegram group about 2 things:

  1. Your weekly proposal and referendum. Never bring you any comment on the forum or additional AYE in your proposals.
  2. Direct insulting of Team members and other community members. But only 2nd was very successful.
    If for every insult or swearing would give a vote in a referendum, you would have successfully won it long ago with Super Majority approval! :smiley:

Hello, I am no longer in the group you mentioned.
I left the group for various reasons. Also, I did not insult or swear at anyone.

I don’t find it right to curse or insult anyone.

You have to stop lying. You should know that I am no longer in that group and I am not responsible for their actions.

My message to leave the group:

In addition, racism was committed in one of your groups by targeting us. Racism is not something that can be accepted by anyone. However, the trade group’s lack of an anti-racist stance brought the situation here.
I don’t think it’s right for the turkisg community to get angry at this and swear or insult it.

Racism doesn’t belong anywhere - on that we can agree completely. The trading group is not an official group and just like you can not be held responsible for what the members of the Turkish community are saying, no one can be held responsible for what other community members say, other than themselves. In the official channel they would have been banned instantly, that’s for sure.

That being said, a handful of the Turkish community members were/are targeting both the team and ambassadors very aggressively. Beforehand, they would coordinate the attacks and afterwards they would brag about it to the others - the Turkish channel is open so everyone can freely read the messages there.

Some of the messages were so rude, personal and inappropriate, that I will not even post the screenshot here. Even though it’s only a handful of members who are showing this behavior, they are the loudest and give a bad name to the rest - if that was your reason to leave the group, I understand your decision.

There was/is a reason you chose to be part of the Centrifuge community - and invest in the project - so let’s focus on that. The project’s fundamentals haven’t changed so in my opinion it’s better to put the past behind us and look at what’s ahead instead.


You made a very good statement. Absolutely I agree. :clap: I want you to know that I’m sorry for the bad things that happened. As you said, focusing on the project is the most important thing.


The trade group is not affiliated with the official channel or the team - the only reason we link to it is when people start discussing price/listings in the official channel. But it is an unofficial channel and the owner is a community member (not affiliated with the team).

To me, it sounds like that whole situation could have been avoided if they had just asked directly and they would have known that the official channel and trading channel are not affiliated with each other.