Proposal: Dismissal of the moderator named ImdioR

The moderator, ImdioR, shared a post to expose the bad events in the Centrifuge trading group. He shared screenshots of the bad events in the post he shared. There is no problem so far, but he added the Turkish flag in the screenshots he shared. Sharing this with the messages of those who curse and insult means accusing all Turks. This is a serious problem and racism against the Turkish nation. I think that racism will cause community members to be more aggressive and harm the community. I don’t want the Centrifuge project to be associated with racism.

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Everyone in the official channels (Forum, Discord, Telegram) has to respect the rules of conduct but most important is to respect each other and to be on good terms. The project can only grow and tap the full potential when everyone in the community helps to reach the goals and next milestones

Off-topic discussions should be avoided and will be moderated

Being a racist as a centrifuge moderator hurts the centrifuge. He can’t comment as he wants, he represents the project.


No matter how successful ImdioR is, it’s not cool that he’s a racist. by doing so, he is tarnishing the name of our project.


How about banning TurkValidator on forum for flooding?

I have reported this situation to you many times and you chose to remain silent.
So you support a racist?

Banning can make the problem more complex and unsolvable.

I saw many proposal from you that makes 0 sense. You just keep posting them. Behind all of this important stuff can be missed.

Thanks for your comment, but you’re overlooking how serious the problem is.

We would like to remind you that the Forum is not a place for personal disputes or anything else that is not related to the fundamentals of the project.

Up until now, your protest posts and proposals have not been inappropriate. And despite the fact that you didn’t follow the outlined procedures for governance and some of your proposals would potentially have affected the chain security, these posts were not moderated as it is your right as a token holder to suggest proposals.

However, posting serious accusations like this is no longer considered protest and will not be tolerated here - this is crossing the line. Proposals and forum posts are not for resolving personal disputes or perceived offenses.

If you wish to continue the discussion of this topic, we ask you to do it elsewhere as it does not belong here.

We kindly ask you to remove this post to make sure that the communication here in the Forum complies with the guidelines and is constructive and polite. Being decentralized does not mean that people can write anything they want. If you fail to comply with the guidelines for the Forum, the only option would be to moderate your posts.


I am writing on the forum because this is not a personal issue but a corporate issue. This person institutionally represents the centrifuge project. Therefore, it is quite normal that I am writing here. I want my proposal to be evaluated fairly by the team. I want you to know that as a member of the Turkish community, I am quite uncomfortable with the situation. I request you to lock this thread so as not to prolong this thread any further.

Topic closed on request of the initiator

After looking into this it is clear that this claim is taken out of context.

Centrifuge commits to creating an environment where all employees, moderators, ambassadors and community members are free from harassment, intimidation, bias, and unlawful discrimination in owned channels: these include our Discord Server, this Forum, Centrifuge Twitter, and the Centrifuge Altair Telegram Channel.