Manual: How to claim Collator rewards

Good day Collators,
After implementing the Block Rewards and Collator Cycle, all Collators now receive direct payment several times a day. The duration of one epoch is 12 hours, with two sessions per epoch lasting 6+6 hours each.

* Time-wise, rewarding is tightly coupled to sessions (6h in block time) in contrast to epochs (12h) from CP6. Thus, the proposed amounts are halved and rewarded in 6 hour periods
* Collator rewards = `16.65 CFG per collator per epoch / 2 sessions per epoch = 8.325 CFG = 8325 * MILLI_CFG` per collator

More information can be found here: CP54: Runtime Upgrade 1019

How to claim Collator rewards?

To claim your Collator rewards, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Centrifuge chain → Extrinsics : Polkadot/Substrate Portal
  2. Select “Blockrewards.”
  3. Choose “ClaimReward
  4. Select the account that was used for submitting the Collator Key. Please note that only whitelisted wallet addresses are eligible for claiming rewards.
  5. Sign the transaction.

If everything is done correctly, you will receive your rewards on the selected account.

Feel free to ask us if you need any help.