CP57: Distribution of unpaid Collators rewards

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Uses component: CP2
Author(s): Governance and Coordination Group (@ImdioR, @Rhanon)
Beneficiary: Centrifuge Collators
Wallet: 4cTwGSYkbpeZn5byhuLe2MrZa22aQJ6st3HJHg7Fyx3RLg7m (GCG Multi-sig wallet)
Date proposed: 2023-07-13

Short Summary

  • Payment of remuneration for the Collators’ work done

High-level objective

  • This proposal will repay 43,165 CFG to the 1st and 2nd batch of Collators.


Collators could not be paid since the onboarding as the Centrifuge Treasury was empty.

But with the implementation of Block Rewards and Collators Cycle with CP54 the Centrifuge Treasury started to get funded and Collators started to receive direct payment in accordance with CP6.

  • The first batch of collators ( Masternode24, Ryabina, Moonli.me, Validatrium, StakeCraft) was onboarded on 31.10.2022 ( Referendum 21)

  • The second batch of collators ( Good Karma, Polkadotters, Staker Space, PathRockNetwork, The Phunky One) was onboarded on 16.06.2023 ( Referendum 36 )

The Collator Cycle was activated the 03.07.2023

Description of Activity

  • Calculation of the total amount that should be distributed and repayment of rewards

Alignment to the mission of Centrifuge DAO

  • This proposal will repay the Collators’ rewards for the 8 months of service provided for Centrifuge DAO.


What amount is requested and how is it calculated?

Total amount requested: 43,165 CFG
We are calculating the payment since the enactment of the Referendum 21 and 36.

How the amount is calculated:

Centrifuge Collators payment: 1000 CFG/month

  • 1st batch: Full 8 months +2 days= (8000+33,3CFG*2) CFG/Collator *5 Collators = 40333 CFG
  • 2nd batch: 17 days = 33,3 CFG/day17 days5 Collators= 2830.5 CFG

How are the funds distributed within the group?

  • 8066 CFG to each collator: Masternode24, Ryabina, Moonli.me, Validatrium, StakeCraft
  • 566.1 CFG to each collator: Good Karma, Polkadotters, Staker Space, PathRockNetwork, The Phunky One

Delivery and Reporting

  • The funds will be transferred to all collators immediately after receiving them. All transactions can be verified on Subscan and we will link to all of them if this proposal passes.

Please note that this will be a direct request from the treasury and the total supply will not be increased.

The RFC topic will be open for 7 days.

Please note:
This will be a direct request from the treasury and the total supply will not be increased.
There will be no Opensquare snapshot vote (or public referendum) for this proposal.

Looking forward to any feedback and any concerns that you might have with this proposal.


Good day Community!

This proposal was now submitted on Github as CP57 - https://github.com/centrifuge/cps/blob/main/cps/CP57.md

The Centrifuge Treasury Proposal 1 is also live on-chain now and Centrifuge Councillors can vote on it at their earliest convenience.

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I just proposed it. This is now council motion #69 @ImdioR !

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Good day Community
The Council Motion 69 was voted on and approved by Centrifuge Councilors.
The motion was just closed.
Once the funds will be transferred to multi-sig wallet GCG will start immediately the distribution process.
Thanks, everyone :raised_hands:

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