Liquidity mining question for small fish

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I recently learned about Centrifuge from Chico Crypto on YouTube. The project got me really hooked and I wanted to get involved. Involved as in obtaining these precious RADs :slight_smile:

Now, with the Community Radial Mining program being a great idea to get the people involved who don’t have 10k USD+, it begs the question why can’t the small fish with smaller funds below 10k also get involved in liquidity mining?

The smaller ones could pool together like Rocketpool aims to do it for ETH2 staking for people who have less than 32 ETH.

What was the thought process behind this decision? Has it to do with regulations?

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Hi @justlose ,

For each pool on tinlake there is asset originator who manages the fund. They are the ones who set the initial investment barrier.
Hopes for the future are that with centrifuge ecosystem expanding, there would be pools with lower entry barrier, but again asset originators will be the ones setting the min barrier limit.
My personal opinion is that they wanted to attract investors who would invest in the pools and RADs are actually early bird gifts. I think the main goal was to create a base of investors on tinlake. I don’t think that they will be granting every tinlake investor RADs after some time.

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The team at Centrifuge has had this questioned asked before on this discourse. They are planning in the future for something like that. I think if you search around you can find the thread.


Can’t seem to find this though. Or maybe the terms used are different that I’m searching for :smile:

Tinlake Investments minimums
Here is the link.