Centrifuge and decentralization

Hi Ive done alot of research about centrifuge
I like this project and its products
Centrifuge has great fundamentals
But the only problem it has is being centralized
They do KYC and they dont service some countries I couldn’t find any reason for this excep regulations I hope one day this project becomes available to whole world
At the end I want to ask 2 questions I hope someone will answer
1-Is there any plan for small investors to be able to participate in pools
2-besides United States,China and South Korea is there any other country that cant use centrifuge services?


I dont like KYC too but if they dont do it government will attack them


Hi @Mahdajoon,

Lowering the barrier to invest in pools isn’t set by centrifuge nor is it set by tinlake. Asset Originators, who are manging the pools, set the initial investment.
Hopes are that with growing ecosystem of centrifuge there would be pools that require smaller initial investment.
Regarding your second question, I don’t have the exact information but this is only due to regulation status of the crypto as a whole and on this front things are changing (president of ECB calls for unified regulation, us banks can use stablecoins, etc.)
Best regards