Reducing the minimum threshold

Hello everyone!
At the moment I am already investing in one of the pools, but I understand that not everyone can invest 5,000 DAI especially if all this happens on the Internet and is somehow connected with cryptocurrencies.

Is it possible to lower the 5,000 DAI minimum threshold for pool investment? I have many friends who would definitely invest in the pool if the minimum threshold was lower.
I think that if the minimum threshold was 2500-3000 DAI they would definitely decide to invest! Maybe we could try this as an experiment?


Ciao ImdioR.

Yes, this would be a good idea to give investors with less liquidity the chance to invest directly in Tinlake pools but this is up to the asset originators if they agree on a lower threshold for investing.
Now after the pools matured maybe they lower the limit but this has to be discussed with the AOs.

Good point. Another way to work around this would be to set different reward percentage for different investment For. eg if you invest 2500-3000 dai, you get x% cfg as rewards, if 5k dai then xx%.

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As an idea for thought.
We could make progressive rates based on the investment amount.

The more we fund(invest), so more TIN/Drop we get.

For example, we could have a fixed rate for YXXX DAI / TIN-DROP rewards amount and then each increment of DAI permit to earn more additional TIN/DROP rewards (we could have a fixed reward in TIN and only increment DROP rewards as well)

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Awesome idea @ImdioR although I don’t have any clue how this can be implemented technically. If you like to open a discussion in the governance section to hear some comments from the community I suggest you to do that :100: