[Issuer Introduction] Anemoy Capital

Hi Centrifugians,

Most of you already know me as co-founder of Centrifuge and a DAO member like you. Today, I’m excited to introduce Anemoy Capital. Anemoy Capital or short Anemoy is the first Centrifuge native asset manager. It will provide investors with exposure to a broad spectrum of credit assets.

We all know real-world assets (RWAs) are the next big revolution in finance. However, despite the progress and traction we’ve made, there’s still significant technical and regulatory hurdles to bring offchain assets into DeFi that many traditional asset managers are struggling to overcome. Anemoy Capital’s goal is to make the adoption of RWAs more accessible and seamless for a wider audience by filling this gap.

We’re an asset manager that knows how to use blockchain technology to build usable products. We recognize that navigating the complexities of integrating traditional assets into the decentralized world of blockchain can be challenging. By providing expert guidance and a user-friendly experience, we will bridge TradFi and DeFi to make as easy as possible for institutional capital and assets to come onchain.

As a first product, we intend to launch the Anemoy Liquid Short Treasury Fund, a way for DAOs and other onchain investors to get safe and convenient exposure to short term US treasury bill yields. We are looking forward to sharing more about this in the near future as we submit our first pool onboarding proposal for this fund.

Feel free to reach out to me to learn more about Anemoy Capital. I will continue to share updates in this thread and will post our POP soon. Let’s unlock the full potential of Centrifuge and DeFi for onchain asset management and tokenization of assets.

BTW The name Anemoy is based on the Greek wind gods, the Anemoi but better to spell :slight_smile:

Thank you all!


Can we add the POP for Anemoy in here too?

It would be good to somehow have a central repository / thread of all the info about Anemoy and their intentions in using the protocol.

Colin, I move this intro into the POP-category. Martin published this post before he started the POP. I fully agree, this introduction belongs to the POP because it contains very useful and interesting infos.

I created a tag for Anemoy as well so all documents related to this POP can be found instantly

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Congrats to this great platform. Is there a way to invest into the Project directly or is this not foreseen?