Centrifuge - Anemoy Liquid Treasury Fund (LTF) STEP Application

Exciting times are ahead - we’ve just submitted Centrifuge’s application to the Arbitrum STEP program! If accepted, Arbitrum’s Treasury funds will be channelled into stable and liquid RWAs via Centrifuge Pools.

How will Centrifuge improve Arbitrum’s RWA ecosystem? Read on.

Centrifuge is already fully operational on Arbitrum and will be ready to accept investments from day one. We launched Liquidity Pools on Arbitrum in 2023, enabling investors to seamlessly access RWAs through Centrifuge Pools directly on Arbitrum.

From T-bills to private credit, Centrifuge is asset agnostic.

We focus on diversified, institutional-quality credit asset managers and issuers.
As the STEP program unfolds, we aim to be Arbitrum’s primary resource for public and private credit onchain.

Decentralization is the core of who we are.

Centrifuge is a fully decentralized DAO powered by an active ecosystem of contributors. Teaming up with Arbitrum will leverage our combined strengths, creating significant network effects across communities.

Via Centrifuge, Anemoy will provide Arbitrum users access to their Liquid Treasury Fund (LTF).

The LTF offers yields on < 6-month US Treasuries.

Plus, Anemoy is dropping all management fees for Arbitrum users (15bps annually) until May 2025!

• Centrifuge pools are already fully operational on Anemoy
• Asset agnostic approach provides public and private credit solutions
• Decentralization will lead to strong network effects
• Anemoy offers Arbitrum users management fee-free access to their LTF

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