[Issuer] AMA: GIG Pool Restructuring. 2/[email protected] CET

Please join us Tuesday (2/23) at 19:00 CET /13:00 EST while we meet to discuss the upcoming changes to the GIG Pool and answer any questions you might have.


Hope to see you there,
-=< Nick >=-


Thanks for the info Nick. The 23rd is a Wednesday though - so is it Tuesday 22nd or Wednesday 23rd?

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Apologies, got my calendar wrong… Tuesday 2/22 @ 19:700 CET. Zoom link is correct.

 -=< Nick >=-
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Never trust calendars - their days are numbered :grin:

And thanks for clarifying.

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Is there a replay for the zoom ?

@kritikos can you post the video and the redlined executive summary?

Thank you to everyone that was able to participate in the live AMA yesterday.
For interested parties unable to make the call, here is a link to the zoom recording. (Passcode: GB8!m6Kf)

I am also linking the call transcript and redlined Executive Summary for convenience.

If you have any questions please let us know,
-=< Nick >=-


@pmangione please find the link to the zoom recording above

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