Is there a Centrifuge DB Snapshot available for download?

Hey All…

Is there a DB snapshot I can download of the DB? I had a HD issue last night on my validator (Good KarMa), and my DB got corrupt. Not only this, but my backup drive has an issue as well (new one on the way). Kind of a double whammy. :frowning:

I started the resync the DB, but it’s taking a while. Would love to download a copy of it somewhere to expedite getting my validator back online.

Thanks in advance for the help!


Try the centrifuge discord, you will probably get a answer there more quickly.

Yeah. Tried that first. No reply. It’s a ghost town over there.

@TheMarcus try to hit up @vedhavyas or @mikiquantum :slight_smile:

I pinged @vedhavyas on Discord. I don’t think @mikiquantum is a group member there.

At this point, I’m 4.3m blocks of 6.5m. I think it will be another day or 2 before I sync. Maybe just let it keep going…??

And on that note, I’m pretty sure I lost my spot as a validator because of this. Not sure I’ll get back into the active set again. :sob: