Is it possible DOT, ETH or BTC could be used in future to contribute?

Is it possible DOT, ETH or BTC could be used in future to contribute to Tinlake?

I think its possible that not accepting them in the future could be an impediment to future growth –

Just a thought, but I know that its becoming increasingly important to investors to be able to partake in the future growth and investment projects, without giving up their DOT or ETH (or BTC), and possibly missing out on the future growth of those coins, or possibly creating tax implications by needing to sell them to raise the DAI.


I know of a few investors who have used MakerDAO to generate DAI from ETH to invest in Tinlake pools. This gives you a way to achieve what you’re mentioning. Of course you could also use Aave and other lending protocols.

The reason the pools use DAI is because the assets themselves are denominated in USD. Imagine as a user I want to borrow $500k USD to buy a house and then when I start repaying 2 years later I suddenly have to repay $1M because the price of ETH doubled. That’s not really realistic because of course my salary stayed exactly the same in USD. Hence the pools need to be denominated in the currency that the assets are in or you need to be able to hedge the exchange risk (which for USD/ETH is quite expensive because of the volatility).


Thanks for the great reply. I had overlooked the available ways of generating DAI from your ETH.
Everything you said is true re: USD and exchange risk etc –
I guess we are still a ways off from crypto dealing with this issue of price volatility affecting its stability as a form of money.
More importantly however, is when it might be possible that everything does not keep coming back to USDs … as I believe those continue to trickle lower in value as the :dollar: money printer :dollar: goes brrrrrrrr… but I’ve gotten off topic …


I would like to see other stable coin options, like USDC, as I find DAI commands slightly more than other stable coins on exchange, and this has added up for me in the past when making sizeable transfers


If possible - I would like to see other stable coins as future options to simplify the ‘onboarding’ into the project for new investors.
I would avoid USDT, as there are legal issues being raised there, but as far as I know USDC (and others) are backed by reserves and adhere to all regulations etc and are a more accessible stable coin to new crypto investors who are onboarding through crypto exchanges that quite often are only offering USDC or USDT as alternatives.