Can I invest in without lending out DAI?


I do not have a lot of money all together and prefer not to hold DAI, I rather keep that money in BTC or ETH (and others) as the dollar is weakening. I wanted to ask if there is anyway to invest without lending DAI for DROP?

Would the only way be to use my ETH to borrow DAI and lend that in order to get rewards? :slight_smile: Or do I need to wait until the tokens are launched on the open market?


Hi @jbo , you can only invest in Tinlake via DAI so far and it will likely never be possible to invest with anything other than stablecoins as it doesn’t make sense from a business perspective. Borrowing DAI against your BTC/ETH would be an (expensive) option right now and as you correctly point out you can also wait for public token sale.


I understand. Thank you for the response!

Ill be ready for the public sale.


I’ve heard of quite a few people who use MakerDAO or Aave to borrow against their ETH and then invest in the pools. That is your best option for now.


Will it be possible in the future to invest in Tinlake with other stablecoins/stable assets (e.g. USDC or RAI) as well or is it too costly to change the protocol?
More stablecoins/stable assets would magnify the pool of potential investors imo