Best place to borrow dai

Hye guys, im keen on investing on tinlake, i read we can use eth for collateral on some platforms, Any suggestion on the best rates ? Im looking at dydx now but the borrow rate is so high.



here all the market place :

on DEX you will pay more fees, due to gass in ETH

When the gas fees go down a bit I recommend to swap ETH into DAI on Uniswap

Hi @mash88

I would suggest that you take a look at dYdX. Fully decentralized and easy to use.


If you have Eth you can use it for collateral on MakerDAO Oasis Borrow, current rate is 5.5% which right now is likely the best rate you’ll find as Dai is generated directly through Maker.

I saw on twitter that Yield is wrapping Maker to give fixed rates over specified time periods, but haven’t used them myself.

You can also borrow Dai from Compound for 9.9%

In case anyone else is curious, current rate on dydx is 15%