How to get a Centrifuge address?

The Centrifuge chain is a part of the Polkadot ecosystem and therefore the best place to store Centrifuge CFG Tokens is the Polkadot/Substrate Portal, a browser extension available for Chrome, Firefox and the Brave Browser. It can be downloaded for example through Github (polkadot-js extension).
After the extension is downloaded and installed the website (Polkadot-js extension, manage accounts for substrate based chains) needs to be connected and access to the extension has to be granted.

The first step in the portal is to switch to the Centrifuge Mainnet before an account with an address is created. Then open the tab “Accounts” and “Add Account” where the Centrifuge-address is already shown (starts with the prefix “4xxxx”). There the mnemonic seed is shown as well and it MUST be written down and stored in a secure place.
Then click and confirm “I have saved the mnemonic seed safely”, enter your account name and choose a secure password for additional security. In the last step the portal will provide you with a backup file (JSON).
I highly recommend to store the JSON-file as well to secure your account externally from the app. This file is an additional safety feature and together with your password your address/account can be restored in case something happens with your computer.

As soon the account is created Centrifuge CFG tokens can be sent to the address.
You are able to monitor all transactions as well as staking rewards most suitable in a Centrifuge-explorer such as Subscan.


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Here is a quick link:

Once there, click the Accounts menu at the top of the page.


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This is good information. To add, there are several wallets that can be used in the polkadot ecosystem Polkadot Wallets · Polkadot Wiki


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friendly reminder to backup your seed phrase and not to re-use the one in this video :slight_smile:
this is also a good read on protecting your funds/yourself - mentions DOT and Kusama in the article, but also applies to RAD (and really any crypto)


Thankyou for this info, new to this project and this information has helped me get started


Is it possible to use an existing address / key pair from the Polkadot or Kusama network on the Centrifuge network?


I logged in with the extension I previously used for my Kusama account and then switched the network (–>Centrifuge) and added a new account. That’s it but you should save the separate JSON.file for Centrifuge to be able to restore your account


You can work with just one account in the .js Chrome extension and it will manage addresses across different chains.

Addresses appear to be different across different chains e.g. Centrifuge address begins with 4… and a Kulupu address begins with 2…

But you only need one seed phrase and one account. You can have more if you want to.


But sad though.Only DOT and KSM has Ledger intergrated capability at the moment.Not for Centrifuge though.I guess probably under the pipeline soon.Only way at the moment like you said danger-dave…1 account…1 seed phrase and then toggle with different chains under that 1 account. And just like Doopy said in his youtube video…better to access it with a json file data that you kept in a separate thumbdrive/pendrive/sd card and not on your pc.That’s what I normally do though…because frankly speaking…I never liked the idea of extensions on a browser. Malware,worms or dubious form of sophisticated data-breach entities could be sorta like ’ stationed ’ there and execute its breaching capabilities on to your computer. My advise is…download the extension…use it…once finished with it…get rid of it…uninstall it…clear cache/history…and if need to use it again…access it with json file data that’s been kept on your thumbdrive.At least if you downwload the extension again…it’s a brand new download.Meaning we catch all those unscrupulous characters off guard…not enough time for them to dupe us.Just my 2cents.


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Yeah I see your point about security, and not liking browser extensions.

Must admit, I dont know / heven’t looked into how to use the JSON file. Will look into it. But, presumably, it being a file is suscpetable to breach, so you’re sugesting keeping json file off the computer - did I understand right?

Any thoughts on LastPass? That is a browser extension but supposedly secure enough to store one’s passwords etc.



I’m new to all this stuff. Can I use the same account from the DOT mainnet, or should I rather create a new one just for Centrifuge.


Thank you so much for your clear and concise instructions, especially for someone who is learning about Centrifuge. Not everyone has all the knowledge and skills to dive straight in and your tutorial was very clear and helpful. Thank you! :heart_eyes:


You can use the same account but you have to switch the network (Centrifuge) and add a new Centrifuge-account/address there. Please make sure you have your JSON-file and passphrase stored securely


good video. hope there is still time to earn some rad


Yupp…correct.Off the computer because for crying out loud…those data are the ones that enables you to get to your crypto on the virtual world and if that ’ precious ’ data ’ get into the hands of a hacker/hackers…you’re screwed ! But then again…whatever things that we downloaded from sites also makes a big difference for us to stay safe.Meaning…only download from legit sources and when I meant by only download from legit sources…make sure you…I mean you… are the one that is typing the website address/url on the url bar on the browser and not just simply pick suggested links that is usually given by Chrome even if we only typed in few letters/words to what we are trying to search for. Some people say ’ saved bookmarks ’ are safe and good enough but huh…I rather be safe than sorry. For years I’ve been applying this whenever I’m online and so far so good. And also cautious on links you received on your e mails. One have to remember that hacker/hackers has already divert their attention and giving their utmost effort to try their luck into breaking into the crypto world ( wallets/exchanges/etc ) because that is where millions upon millions worth of your wealth is at.