[Grant Proposal] : Centrifuge Monthly Financial Reporting

Hey Centrifuge Community,

Name : Asymmetric Defi

Project : Centrifuge Monthly Financial Reporting

Detailed Description of Project :
Provide Monthly Reports about the Financial State of the Centrifuge DAO. The reports would include : Revenues, Expenses, Treasury Analysis, Competition Analysis, Macro Trends Analysis …

How will your project benefit the Centrifuge Ecosystem?
Inform the community about what’s going on with the DAO financially and how it is impacted by governance votes and crypto trends & news…
These reports will be the go to for the community to get informed about the financial state of the DAO similar to how investors look into financial statements to get informed about their equity investments in traditional finance.
Yes many of the figures are already available in dashboards, the goal is to aggregate what already exists, query new information if not available and produce a monthly report that will be shared here on the forum with the community. If you want to know how much the DAO made last month, CFG emissions, the state of the treasury … you look into the report, no need to go looking into multiple data sources and forum posts.

How much are you requesting for these reports ?
12k USD (Paid in CFG or Stables) for 12 Monthly Reports (1k USD per Monthly Report)

Other Information :
As an example, here is the report I produced for Uniswap for November.
Asymmetric Defi is both Uniswap & Aave Grantee

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Hey @adalhi it’s great to see this proposal. Given our protocol operates across Ethereum and Centrifuge chain would you be able to report on stuff happening in both?

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Yes, since Tinlake stuff is on Ethereum and CFG stuff is on Centrifuge.

Requested Budget Breakdown : 1k/Month as Compensation for my time & efforts and to pay for any potential subscriptions (Token Terminal costs 350 USD/Month & Dune’s most popular plan costs 420 USD/Month for example).

@Rhano @ImdioR Does this proposal need to go through an on chain funding request from the council ? Since the grant amount is small…

Hi @adalhi, thank you for your proposal and your question.

Generally, proposals like this would be made as an on-chain Treasury proposal and you can see the process for that here. Since this is a long-term commitment (i.e. not one-time service) you would need a mandate to pursue this task and therefore would need to create a proposal type CP-1.

However, there are not adequate funds in the Treasury right now (a new proposal aims to fund it in the short term has passed - but not implemented yet).

This grant would therefore be submitted differently. I will ping the team member responsible for this and get back to you.


More details :
Instead of monthly reports, I can make quarterly reports to decrease the costs for the DAO. The funding request is the same 1k USD (in CFG) per report.
Also, I can accept funding for one quarterly report as test run before a longer period engagement.

Thanks for providing the extra info.

Generally, if this a request for funding from the Treasury (and a CP-1 is created), the maximum funding period is set to 6 months - after that applicants would need to re-apply for funding.

However, since there are not adequate funds in the treasury at the moment this might have different conditions as a grant.

I’ve already inquired this and will get back to you as soon as I know more.

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Hey there, thanks for the interesting proposal. The reports would certainly be nice to have, however I see that quaterly reports might be enough for our current needs. Would be great to hear a quote from you on slightly revised package.

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Hi @lianefiligrane, the quote is 1k USD (in CFG) per report. For 4 quarterly reports, the cost would be 4k USD.

I have been thinking about this post for a while and I think that this wouldn’t necessarily provide much benefit to the platform as it is currently proposed. What I think would provide immense value is if you offered this service direct to Issuers to provide monthly or quarterly pool reporting and perhaps even asset performance.

Additionally, if you were to offer the Issuers tax document services at their year end to supply appropriate tax docs per jurisdiction of each investor, this could be very helpful in the long run of the protocol. Is this something that you have the means to do?


Hi @sirj

I am more interested in reporting for the Centrifuge DAO.

To add some details with my perspective with these reports :

My main audience target are passive CFG holders. Active contributors already know what’s going on with the DAO.

The goal is to treat Centrifuge as a business and CFG holders are the business owners. In this sense, reporting to these owners is necessary.

Strongly support @sirj comment. Most valuable would be a report like that on the Centrifuge pools. For CFG & the DAO, I don’t think it matches our current needs and roadmap. However, we can re-evaluate in the second half of 2023. Let’s check in again then.

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