Generic Ledger App

As you probably know CFG token cannot be moved from Ledger App at this time, since Ledger App no longer supports CFG token.

However, the Generic Ledger App which was funded via the Polkadot treasury to support most of the parachains is currently being develop, this will allow Centrifuge users to send and receive CFG token from Ledger device which had been an issue for users for a long time since CFG tokens are stuck on Ledger device.

Regarding the latest update on the progress of the Generic Ledger App, it will probably be ready for a full lauch in late June or early July, each parachain will need to integrate some changes to their runtime to be able to use the app.

If you want to be aware of the latest updates in this regard, you can follow the links below.

Please note that the full launch of the app does not depend on Centrifuge, but on an external team (, so the release date may change.

If you cannot wait for the launch of the Generic Ledger App and require access to your CFG tokens, you still have the option of using external tool to import your CFG tokens to a hot wallet, below you can see the link to the Talisman tool:

Hopefully the Generic Ledger App will be released at the end of June or early July, in any case, community members will also be sharing the news regarding this topic on different communication channels. :cyclone: