HI everyone.
I bought CFG tokens and now I am storing them on polkadot.js
I joined an Telegram Centrifuge froup and they aksed members to do this:

"If you hold or stake $CFG tokens on any wallet (decentralized or exchange wallet) , and you planning to perform any operations with them, you will need to migrate to the new smart contract. Proceed to the migration website.

● NOTE - If you hold CFG token on any exchange wallet , first thing to do is withdraw all CFG token to any decentralized wallet like Trust wallet/ Metamask then you can proceed to complete migration. After migration approval , you will immediately receive the new tokens. :white_check_mark:

:exclamation:This is the only official migration option very compulsory for all holders. Any other offers, especially in direct messages, are fraudulent - so please be careful!"

Is this real?

They explained: “Migration is very compulsory if you hold CFG token on any type of wallet . So you should get it done now if you haven’t , all token on the Previous contract would be locked permanently and would be rendered useless”

Once again, is CFG TOKEN MIGRATION real?
I am worried now. Please affirm that.

Hello, be VERY careful with Telegram groups or other unofficial social media. Especially there is only one official Centrifuge group with announcements and it is “read only”.

If you are a CFG-holder you don’t need to do anything, there is no migration taking place!

This was the right way to reach out to us via one of our official channels aka the forum. Please report the scammer on Telegram so he is of no harm to anyone!

If you need more support, you can get help in Centrifuge’s official Discord


Thank you so much.
I ‘smelled’ scam with their posts, but I need you friends here to affirm that.
Thank again.


The most direct way of getting scammed is by using the links shared in groups or DM always. Go to the direct website and look for announcements in official channels like Twitter, Discord or Medium. Most of the scammers can be flagged immediately when they say you have to do it immediately or compulsorily as all the projects will give sufficient time when there is any such migration is needed.

Be extra vigilant and always double check with team or mods incase of doubt