Do we need to be an expert in Docker to run a node?

Hello I have basic knowledge in backend dev and network but I know nothing about Docker. How long do I need to train to be able to run a node?


I think you will get it fast … i used to have zero knowledge about anything dev ( coding/commands ect ) but i manage to run some nodes. Good luck in your process !


Thanks for your answer. Do you confirm that I need to take at least a 101 docker class in order to run a node?


Anyone know if I can run a node for this with an Avado i7 ?
I have one coming and want to run some test nets anyone know or devs maby chime in here??

Also if anyone has and i7 that can give me some pointers love to chat

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According to Chico Crypto’s live on Saturday, you can’t


Hmm I’ll have to go back and take a look I fo rember him mentioned he has an Avado i5 he using for staking his eth …

Guess I’ll find out when mine gets here

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He also said we can use Avado for running a node on HOPR


Hello Yogalholic !

I think you need to know a bit about Docker fundamentals to run a Node using Docker. Even if the docker procedure is made to simplify the process and make it accessible to the maximum of people.

For example, I wrote this post about the docker command line given in the doc, to propose some enhancements.

Feel free to give me some feedback, or ask for help if you need.


Docker is pretty straight forward. Feel free to message me if you get stuck.
Having said that I haven’t set up myself yet so if you get set up first I might need to ping you a message if I get any issues! :grin:

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