Developing a Glossary explaining key terms in DeFi etc

Hi everyone

I was wondering if it would be helpful to create a Glossary (or reference page) that offered clear and accessible definitions of concepts that Centrifuge deals with, and which can bridge gaps in understanding for people wanting to be involved but don’t have experience with blockchain, decentralised (or traditional) or supply chain finance frameworks.

DeFi is such a new trend and can be quite difficult to wrap your head around (e.g. MAKER), in that it is layered with concepts and processes that are often specialised, technical and intimidating to the average person.

As a platform, I believe Centrifuge is offering something unique to the financial supply chain space and empowers and benefits asset originators and investors, but it does take some time to understand (as it should) at an even basic level (at least in my experience). The website and medium articles are great places to learn about Centrifuge aims, features and developments, but I was curious to know from others if there is value in having somewhere in this Discourse that breaks down in plain, digestible ways terms like the following (as an example):

  • Decentralised Finance
  • Tokenisation
  • NFTs
  • Stable Coins
  • Staking
  • Liquidity
  • collateralized debt obligation
  • Immutable data
  • Counterparties
  • Proof of Stake consensus
  • Blockchain
  • Blockchain protocol
  • Open source

This is not an exhaustive list obviously and perhaps many in the community already have a firm grasp of what these terms mean …but could it be of help to someone new in the community and not so well versed in this space, and a bit shy about asking questions? Maybe I’m underestimating the knowledge of the typical community member.

In any case, if you see value in this, please let me know - I’m am happy to offer my time in getting started on this or collaborate with others to create something.

Alternatively, I would be happy to work with you on any other resource if you think that it would bring more value to the community…



I am interested in your glossary. It could be useful. Take a look at my article to see if you have any questions or input. Any feedback would be terrific. I'm trying to list my basic understanding of Centrifuge

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Hi Elias,
a glossary for DeFi and especially Centrifuge-related topics makes sense to help the community. My proposal is to create one step by step under “Community FAQs”

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Hi Christian

Great suggestion! Thanks very much.

@Elias great idea
here is our first attempt
a bit hidden though :wink:

Oh great, thanks so much for the link, Martin…I missed it completely. Perhaps we could add to this…

If we are talking about a DeFi glossary then maybe we should contribute to Above Average Joe’s project called Defipedia? If you do not know Above Average Joe, he has been the moderator on the Bankless forum since it was created and he is so responsive and helpful with everyone in the Bankless community. He started a glossary to help people who were asking questions on Bankless and with the help of the community, it is blossoming into a real product. You can see his bounty on Gitcoin here: 💰 DeFiPedia | Grants | Gitcoin

Great idea, Jason. I had no idea about this site but looks really interesting. Do you mean financially contribute or in some other way? Thanks very much for sharing.

Appreciated. Really useful! :slight_smile:

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