Council Motion 59: Update crowdloan reward accounts

Hey Centrifuge Community :cyclone:

The Miguel has proposed a council motion to update the Centrifuge accounts for the crowdloan. The council is currently voting on the proposal now.

The council motion updates the Merkle root to the following: 0x940533c50591b8ee5c8709878f5fcf97b3195cba39e63c5c86a43551a5f595e8

This post will be updated with the outcome of the motion.

Motion: Subscan | Aggregate Substrate ecological network high-precision Web3 explorer

Detailed Description:

The Council has proposed this motion to update the Centrifuge accounts for the crowdloan so that the CFG can be claimed. The contribution was originally made from a multisig that is unable to claim the CFG for technical reasons. As a result, this proposal is to update the Merkle tree for the crowdloan to replace this address.

Council Motions #59 executed