[Collator Introduction] Openbitlab

Hello Centrifuge community from Openbitlab team :wave:

:family: About us
We are four crypto builders, active in crypto since 2013 and with 6 years of experience in network validation.

We started block production activities in Lisk, the first-ever delegated-proof-of-stake network, and then we expanded our infrastructure to support innovative networks like Tezos, Substrate-based and Cosmos-based chains.
We are active on 25+ blockchains, with $10m+ in staked value.
Mainnet: Polkadot, Kusama, Lisk, Mina, Kujira, Mangata, StaFi, Tezos, Shiden, Moonriver, Moonbeam, E-money, Near, Quicksilver, Pylons, Amplitude, Aleph Zero.
Current and past Testnet: Celestia, Persistence, Nomic, Origintrail, Shibuya, Aptos, Sui, Solana, Quicksilver, Stride, StafiHub, Archway.

We are also very active in governance, with more than 90% vote participation in Polkadot, Kusama, Kujira, and Quicksilver.

Thanks to our high responsiveness during critical situations, technical support in bug reporting and fixing, and top-quality performances of our nodes, we received delegations from several Foundation programs (Polkadot, Kusama, E-Money, StaFi, Moonriver, Moonbeam, Kujira), and have been whitelisted as bootstrap collators (Mangata, Shiden, Amplitude).

:chains: Our Infrastructure
LXC container on bare metal dedicated server: AMD Ryzen 32 core, 132gb ram, 3.5TB NVME Datacenter edition, 1Gbs bandwidth. Our main server providers are Ikoula and OVH.

Our infrastructure also includes a backup server ready to replace our main server and located on another farm.

Our servers integrate various protection features:

  • Zabbix agents connected to our Zabbix servers for real-time monitoring
  • Encrypted disk, to protect data from physical access
  • UFW firewall, to block access to unused ports
  • Fail2Ban, to block incorrect authentications attempts
  • SSH access through simple user (no direct root access allowed)
  • Periodically change of the root password
  • Custom monitoring tool for Centrifuge (GitHub - openbitlab/srvcheck: Srvcheck helps you to monitor blockchain nodes )
  • Additional monitoring with Prometheus+Grafana

:information_source: General Info
Name: Openbitlab
Twitter: @Openbitlab_node
Website: openbitlab.com
Discord: openbitlab#9650
Location: Italy
Languages: English :uk:, Italian :it: